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dividingLineBenefits of Joining MG Store Developer

1. Global enterprise service for 7 million users: MG Store Developer is a global enterprise/organization providing MIRACLE GAMES services for hundreds of millions of users and able to reach target users easily.

2. Support by CNY 10 billion ecological fund: Become a member of the GWGC Developers Alliance of MIRACLE GAMES to receive ecological fund resources support.

3. R&D promotion: MG’s core internal service and years of Win10 application developing technology can provide developers with a Win10 UWP version solution for fast transplanting of Android, iOS, H5, Web and Win32 apps and provide technical support services.

4. User growth: Access your application to MG open platform and make your application support login, share, payment and other function on such world famous social platforms as MG, Facebook, Google, WeChat, Weibo and share massive users across the globe.

5. Revenue enabling: Build an MG game release service platform while providing high quality commercial solutions for mass flow by relying on MG big data and diverse ads to promote win-win cooperation with small and medium developers.

6. GWGC: Incorporate MG flow, data and ecological advantages, coordinate the upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain, and seek to build a one-stop service system to provide all-round incubation support for various innovation application developers and fulfill their dreams.

7. Precise data analysis: Provide global developers with a professional APP statistical analysis platform and strong visual data exploration and interactive reporting tools, and help developers to convert their application data into visual graphics so as to identify problems in a more efficient and intuitive manner and contribute to business growth.

8. Global payment integration: MG provides a global third-party cross-border payment platform and has been committed to providing the Internet users and developers with safe, convenient and professional on-line payment service. Take safety and convenience as the core of product and service, not only creating over 200 types of convenient services and application scenarios for individual users, but also providing capital settlement solutions for more than 1,000 small and medium developers worldwide.

9. Perfect game center: MG game center provides the developers with a ranking list, achievement system and other overall user honor systems, and QIGAME coin function required for users to greatly improve user stickness and overall revenue of products.

10. Leading Microsoft AI: Integrate with Microsoft’s world-leading AI service, in which, Cortana and Translator provide game users with intelligent voice assistant and real-time translation functions to promote user and game experience.