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dividingLineMG Store Developer Support Scheme

1. Global promotion: Provide Win10 ranking list in more than 200 countries/regions and promote Android installation package on overseas platforms (including USA / Canada / UK / Germany / France / Italy / Spain / Portugal / Japan / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia / India / Russia / Turkey / Australia) in combination with MG Group related resources.

2. Community SDK: Provide a global user community, through which users can experience all kinds of game information acquisition, scoreboard, friend SMS, contact customer service, check-in, top-up and other services, making players have absolute sense of honor.

3. Global payment: MG provides a global third-party cross-border payment platform and has been committed to providing the Internet users and developers with safe, convenient and professional on-line payment service. Take safety and convenience as the core of product and service, not only creating over 200 types of convenient services and application scenarios for individual users, but also providing capital settlement solutions for more than 1000 small and medium developers worldwide.

4. WeWork: Become a member of the GWGC Developers Alliance of MIRACLE GAMES to be prioritized for various incubation bases and entrepreneurial spaces for cooperation with local governments. Resource use and presence.

5. Investment/financing: Become a member of the GWGC Developers Alliance of MIRACLE GAMES to receive ecological fund resources support and be prioritized for investment and financing resources in various activities.